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We will also provide made-to-order products from design and production to delivery by the consistent quality.

Details of custom-made

Large diameter parts by CNC lathe, Machined products

It is part of the products produced by our equipment
(Large diameter lathe machine and Machining)
according to customer specification.
We will respond to customer requests for variety, quick delivery, and small lot.

Steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum
Round bar, plate, and others
Outer diameter
Chromate, nickel, chrome, tin, and alumite plating Other plating is also available.
  • Vertical machining centerVertical machining center
Processing example
  • NC latheNC lathe
    Mass production is possible by NC lathe with auto bar feeder in a continuous process. And large size can be processed by the large NC lathe with C axis.
    (Pictures of products by NC lathe with C axis.SS400, outer diameter φ55, length 200L, and M24 male・female thread)
  • Machining Center, Tapping processMachining Center, Tapping process
    Can be processed compositely by the machining center. Multiple holes can be drilled and tapped by the tapping machine. Hoshimoto mainly deals in copper busbar.