Environmental Initiatives

In order to protect a clean environment with limited resources carefully, we will try to work on making a guidelines how we conduct.

Environmental Policy

Hoshimoto has been recognized as one of the most important issues for environmental protection as a manufacturer of quasi-public heavy electrical parts, and we strive to contribute to global environmental protection and to make environment-friendly products.

Code of Conduct
  1. 1. We promote resource conservation or recycling, waste reduction, energy conservation towards a sustainable society.
  2. 2. We strive to provide environmentally friendly products.
  3. 3. All employees strive for their achievement and continuous improvement, after setting environmental objectives and targets.
  4. 4. We comply with environmental laws or other requirements Hoshimoto agree, and strive hard to prevent pollution.
  5. 5. We aims to communicate internally and externally by disclosing environmental policy and promote environmental protection activities.

Acquisition of ISO14001 certification

〇We are actively making efforts to preserve the global environment, regulatory compliance, and providing environmentally friendly products as a priority.And Hoshimoto has acquired "ISO14001" certification in March 2004 from "Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA)" as part of its activities.
〇In order to achieve environmental policy, we're working on continuous improvement through compliance with laws and regulations, conducting environmental assessments, setting objectives, reviewing regularly, and promoting activities of environmental management system(EMS).

RoHS Compliance


Hoshimoto has been promoting activities to reduce environmental toxins on our strict environmental standards regarding EU RoHS Directive.We will aim to make environment-friendly products and deliver safety and security to our customers.